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COHO Group Brews 2016

 January Group Brew at Jim Brooks'

COHO Group Brews 2015

 November Group Brew at Mike Furry's

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COHO Group Brews 2014

April Group Brew at Ben's

 March Group Brew at Steve's

COHO Group Brews 2012

Apr 2012 Photo Album  April - Barrel Brew at Gary's

COHO Group Brews 2008

Jan 2008 Photo Album  January

COHO Group Brews 2007

May 2007 Photo Album  May

Jul 2007 Photo Album July

COHO Group Brews 2006

May 2006 Photo Album May

Jun 2006 Photo Album June

Jul 2006 Photo Album July

Aug 2006 Photo Album August

Sep 2006 Photo Album September

Nov 2006 Photo Album November

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