Upcoming AHA Sanctioned and other Competitions

Check out this list of upcoming competitions:
  • Lane County Fair - Eugene - Deadline/dropoff July 9-13, 2018, competition date July 15
    Contact: Laura Gold – 281-705-3797 – laura.gold711@gmail.com
    Three bottles are required per entry: one for display and two that will be used for judging. Open bottles cannot be returned. Entries must be in 10 to 22 ounce bottles with secure closure. Each bottle must have a data label which will include the specific style according to 34 recognized 2015 Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) styles, along with the appropriate sub style (i.e., 30-A).
    Details here.

  • Best of the Bay - Bellingham, WA - Deadline July 19, 2018
    Details here.

  • Slurp & Burp Select - Portland - Deadline July 21, 2018
    From the club that brought you the Slurp & Burp Open for 18 wonderful years. We proudly present the most popular categories from that competition geared for some of our summertime favorites.
    We will be accepting the following entries using the 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines:

    1-Standard American Beer
    5-Pale Bitter European Beer
    18-Pale American Ale
    25-Strong Belgian Ale

    $7 per entry. Entrants must submit 3 crown-capped 12 oz. bottles with a completed BJCP bottle ID form attached with a rubber band and a BJCP Entry Form.
    Details here.

  • 2018 Evergreen State Fair - Monroe, WA - Deadline August 2, 2018
    Details here.

  • Oregon State Fair - Salem - Deadline August 3, 2018
    $8 entry fee. Entrants are limited to one entry per subcategory and two entries per category. An official entry shall consist of three 12-ounce bottles, completed entry/ bottle ID forms and the appropriate entry fee. Each bottle must be labeled with an official entry/bottle ID label, securely attached with a rubber band (no tape please). Any other identification must be removed from the bottles. Bottles and shipping containers will not be returned.
    Details here.

  • Rocktober Fest - Redmond - Deadline September 15, 2018
    $7 entry fee
    Details here.

  • Capitol Brewers 2018 Harvest Classic - Salem - Deadline September 21, 2018
    Open date August 20. $8 per entry, 3 bottles needed per entry.
    Home brewers may enter one entry per sub category, and up to two entries per category. Judging will be for ALL beer styles, ciders and meads. A complete entry form must accompany each entry. Three 10oz to 16oz bottles per entry and each entry must be free of any identifying marks and labels. No “swing” type or Grolsch type bottles. Caps must be “blackened out”, if not plain. We will accept embossed bottles from commercially distributed breweries. Attach a bottle ID form to each bottle WITH A RUBBER BAND ONLY. Judging is per the BJCP 2015 categories and style guidelines, and categories may be condensed due to size.
    Details and entry form here.

  • For a more comprehensive list of competitions, check the AHA competition calendar here!

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